Dwyer, David

Leadership Arcs Founder

Home Base: Johannesburg, South Africa

Service Area: Africa, Europe, Middle East

For the past 50 years David has worked with and managed teams in richly diverse sectors, both military and business, having started his working career in the retail space at age 14.

Always up for a challenge, he volunteered and became a paratrooper during his National Service. At age 21 he was appointed as a Branch Manager with OK Bazaars – the youngest in the company history.

It was then time to follow another passion – flying. He joined the South African Air Force and served for 12 years as a helicopter pilot and flying Instructor.

In the following 15 years he gained exposure to several industries in sales and management roles.

In 2005 he went back into the cockpit, flying in places like Sudan and Nigeria in support of United Nations and Oil industry operations.

As a USA trained EOSÒ Implementer, he now dedicates most of his time to helping entrepreneurs and companies get more out of their businesses. As coach/teacher he helps entrepreneurs to take decisive action so that they can get their best work into the world.

His several previous leadership roles and training have equipped him to bring a real-world touch to his leadership teaching and guidance. No theory, No magic pills, No flavour of the month – Just timeless principles that make leaders and organisations GREAT.

Our world is desperately in need of a new crop of effective and accomplished leaders. Men and women who are true to the purpose of the teams and organisations they lead.

Leadership Arcs is designed to shape, mould, develop and equip those leaders who are ready to step up and raise the bar of their leadership abilities and acumen.

David can be contacted on +27 83 330 9374 or dave@leadershiparcs.com


The great oak tree sleeps in the acorn – Old Chinese Proverb

There are only three things that happen naturally in your entrepreneurial business:

Confusion, Conflict and Mediocrity – everything else requires Leadership – Peter Drucker

In our experience, we have found that there are three root causes that determine the difference between surviving and thriving.

We call these the Arc of System, the Arc of Culture and the Arc of Leadership. In order to thrive you have to become strong in each one.

As the oak tree sleeps in the acorn, thriving as an entrepreneurial business lies in both the strength and synergy between these Arcs.